About the trainer

I have an extensive medical background having worked in a hospital emergency room for 9 years and worked as an Advanced EMT for 15 years on an ambulance.

So, how did I get started in the dog training business, you may ask? Well, my husband and I went to the shelter and rescued this beautiful white boxer we named Seamus. Seamus was about 7 months old. At the time, we already had two older dogs in our home and trying to introduce a new and very rambunctious dog to them was a nightmare! Seamus was so full of energy, it made it very difficult for the other dogs to adjust. There was also the issue with him biting everything and everyone, it wasn’t fun. I tried to train Seamus, but he was so overwhelming.

In 2009 I started working with a local trainer and enrolled in Penn Forster College for a 12 month training course. Then the fun began with a 15 month intensive hands-on training course with a local Dog Training school. I was trained on handling aggressive dogs, fear aggression dogs, protection dogs, bed bug dogs, and so much more. I must say, out of all of the training, puppy class is my favorite!

I am a firm believer that everyday there is something new to be learned. So I am constantly going to seminars and trainings to learn new or updated tricks of the trade, in order to ensure that each of the dogs (and owners) that I work with are getting the very best!

I am a certified dog obedience trainer, with additional certifications in animal care for dogs, as well as CPR and First Aid for pets Instructor. I am also a Registered AKC Canine Good Citizens evaluator and AKC S.T.A.R evaluator.

We loved adopting and training Seamus so much, we went to the shelter and adopted…Lady Gaga our pit bull and Our newest addition Gracie Gargoyle a beautiful Cane Carso Mastiff!

It was an honor and a privilege learning from you. I will continue training the service dogs the way you Taught us and you will never ever be forgotten in loving memory Nelson Morales.